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Simple direct injury, simple twisting injuries, sports injuries, accidents, fractures, overzealous/inappropriate exercise and jogging patterns are all a source of knee pain. As a person ages, the smooth joint surface (articular cartilage) gets worn out and causes pain.

Definitely not.....the actual knee joint is surrounded by muscles, ligaments, subcutaneous fat and skin. The knee joint itself has the menisci (shock absorbers), cartilage surface, bones and a covering layer called synovium. There are more than 50 causes of knee pain arising from these structures.

  • Definitely not again....most conditions are amenable to appropriate medications, topical gels, hot/cold physio applications, appropriate bracing, selective exercises and temporary change in lifestyle patterns.
  • However, such measures must be adopted after consulting your doctor, preferably an orthopaedic surgeon with a keen interest in such problems. -> Small ligaments injuries etc. can be approached by simple techniques like knee arthroscopy (Key-hole knee surgery)

It is a minimally invasive invasive surgery of the knee/shoulder. The joint is visualized using a 3 mm size arthroscope and real time magnified images are transmitted by fiberoptic cables to a high definition screen. The cartilage, synovium, meniscus, ligaments etc.. are all seen and treated appropriately

  • a) Sports injuries
  • b) Ligament reconstruction
  • c) Early arthritis knee
  • d) Cartilage damage
  • e) Recurrent knee swelling
  • f) Rheumatoid arthritis
  • g) Septic arthritis knee (Infection in the knee)

  • Recurrent multiple shoulder dislocations - following one episode of dislocation initially
  • Rotator cuff muscle tear - torn muscle fibres not allowing shoulder lifting
  • Subacromial bursitis - fluid inside shoulder affecting movement
  • Sports injuries
  • Calcific tendinitis shoulder - calcium deposit in shoulder causing severe pain

  • Small scars
  • Cosmetically appealing (esp young unmarried women)
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Very less post-operative pain
  • Lesser need for painkillers
  • Faster rehabilitation
  • Walking allowed same day
  • Discharge in 24 hours/same day
  • Can resume office duties in the same week

* Considering the lesser need for medications, shorter room stay and early return to work, the cost: benefit analysis is in favour of arthroscopy without an iota of doubt.