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Orthopaedic Oncosurgery

Cancers(Tumours) of the musculoskeletal system are unique by themselves and demand a good teamwork to both diagnose as well as treat the same. There are nearly 100 types of orthopaedic onco problems.

Our VGM Ortho-Onco team includes orthopaedic surgeon, medical oncologist, surgical oncologist, plastic surgeon, vascular surgeon and physiotherapist for comprehensive pre-planned surgical and medical management of such patients.

There are some myths to break regarding ortho-oncology now:
1. All bone tumors are not dangerous life threatening cancers
2. Many bone tumors have good cure rates
3. Early detection even for dangerous tumors saves life
4. Early detection can even save the limbs (amputation not always needed, limb can be salvaged)
5. There are nearly a hundred types based on age, sex, family history, single/multiple swellings, which limb, which bone is involved, speed of growth etc.. Hence a thorough preoperative workup makes easy diagnosis
6. Alarming signs of bone tumors-faster onset of swelling, fast progress of swelling, pain, limp, redness, loss of weight and appetite, family history. In such cases visit your doctor early and save the life of your dear ones!