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Physiotherapy is a boon to mankind. One need not be a patient to visit your physiotherapist. Hence the inception of VGM wellness centre with evidence-based physiotherapy treatments that are specific and customized to each person’s needs. VGM is a one-stop solution for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness.

Our Aim:

• Promote wellness/health for both normal people and patients
• Guide for proper exercise regimes and protocols to improve your health fitness
• Relive pain, paralysis, stiffness, injuries etc..
• Attain a good quality of life to continue an acceptable and enjoyable lifestyle...!

Physiotherapy hospital in Coimbatore
Physiotherapy hospital in Coimbatore



Therapeutic ElectroModalities:

ift and tens   IFT/ TENS
ultrasound theraphy  ULTRASOUND THERAPY
traction  TRACTION
muscle stimulation  MUSCLE STIMULATION
waxbath theraphy  WAXBATH THERAPY
moist heat therapy  MOIST HEAT THERAPY
cryotherapy  CRYOTHERAPY

Manual Therapy:

joint mobilisation  Joint mobilisation
soft tissue mobilisation  Soft tissue mobilisation
trigger point releas  Trigger point release
therapeutic tapping  Therapeutic tapping


general physical fittness   General physical fittness
geriatric (oldage) management   Geriatric ( oldage) management
obesity management   Obesity management
weight redcution   Weight redcution


fatty liver management  fatty liver management
cardio respiratory rehab  Cardio respiratory rehab
diabetic counseling  Diabetic counseling
Pre and Postnatal care  Pre & Post operative rehab
Pre and Post Operative Rehab  Pre and Postnatal care
Stroke rehab  Stroke rehab

Exercises Programme:

neck exercises  Neck exercises
shoulder exercises  Shoulder exercises
scapular stabilisation exercises  Scapular stabilisation exercises
elbow and wrist exercises  Elbow & Wrist exercises
back exercises  Back exercises
core strengthening  Core strengthening
pelvic floor exerciese  Pelvic floor exerciese
pelvic hip comolex exercises  Pelvic hip comolex exercises
knee exercises  Knee exercises
foot exerciese  Foot exerciese
foot wear modifications  Foot wear modifications
postural correction  Postural correction
stretching and strengthening exercises  Stretching & strengthening exercises
sports training  Sports training
gait training (1)  Gait training