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Frozen Shoulder

As the name suggests, the shoulder is practically frozen with almost no movements. The patient has varying degrees of pain and there is almost no movement at all.

Frozen shoulder is the end stage complication of many predisposing diseases like earlier inflammation (periarthritis), rotator cuff tear, long standing immobilisation after fractures esp by quacks.

Anti-inflammatory medications, aggressive physiotherapy and mobilisation exercises is the main line of treatment. But recovery is not usually complete with this technique.

Intraarticular steroid injections may give pain relief and the patient may then cooperate for physiotherapy after that.

The shoulder can be manipulated when the patient is under anaesthesia and movements can be restored to some extent. Another suitable alternative is Arthroscopic Adhesiolysis- here the tight adhesions between various muscles and ligaments can be released by arthroscopy so that movements can be restored.