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Plastic & Hand Surgery

1.There are 14 joints in the fingers alone-2 for the thumb and 3 each for the rest of the fingers
2. Each joint has different range of movements, unlike its neighbor
3.The thumb in humans is quite evolved, more than apes and aids pinch, grasp, clasp etc due to its rotated nature than rest if the fingers
4. The muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, nerves and bloodvessels are so small that they may need microscopic surgery

A multitude of diseases affect the fingers:
   1.congenital(birth deformities and defects)
   2. Trauma(Injuries, ranging from simple ligament tears to total amputations). The treatment is wide and varied
   3. Infections-abscess, paronychia, tuberculosis, psoriasis, fungal infections etc
  4. Arthritis-Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic arthritis, traumatic arthritis have a unique pattern of affecting certain joints of different fingers and needs diagnosis
   5. Inflammatory- tenosynovitis of the long muscles, thornpricks/injuries
   6. Tumours- different bones of the hand can be affected in different ages by a variety if tumours
   7. Nerve injuries- there are three nerves called ulnar nerve, radial nerve and median nerve which supply different muscles of the fingers and hand. They can get affected due to different injuries and the level of injury as neck/shoulder/arm/elbow/forearm/wrist needs to be identified
  8.Soft tissue problems- small cysts(fluid collection Ex ganglion cyst, sebaceous cyst), lipoma(fat globule), trigger finger (locked fingers), carpal tunnel syndrome(nerve compression by ligament), dequervain disease(muscles compression) need medical/surgical management appripriately

Hand surgeries are performed alone or as a team by orthopaedic surgeon, plastic surgeon, oncosurgeon, general surgeon etc depending on the diagnosis

1. World class equipment
2. Operating microscope
3. All specialists available
4. Dedicated physiotherapy and occupational therapy unit
5. Proven success stories so far
6. 24 hour trauma care