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World Arthritis Day – An Initiative to prevent Arthritis

World Arthritis Day – An Initiative to prevent Arthritis

Leading a life with chronic joint pain, Arthritis, and its symptoms are a real challenge in this busy world. According to a recent survey, 78% of women and 66% of men were affected by Arthritis. However, it is possible to fight back against this disorder with some effective measures.

On this World Arthritis Day, Here are the ten practical steps to follow to protect you from this chronic pain.

1.Keep your body weight in check.

According to the recent report from OARSI-Osteoarthritis research society international committee, reducing 10% of a person’s weight will decrease the half of the knee pain. Excess weight will create pressure on the joints and results in worsening of the inflammation.

2.Follow regular exercise

Maintaining an exercise pattern is not severe and doesn't need to be with strenuous exercises. Researchers had suggested normal activities at least 30 mins for five days in a week. It improves the condition by strengthening the hips and knees to support body weight.

3.Stretch your joints

Before you begin the exercise, it is best to regularly do some stretches for at least three minutes. It is beneficial for joint lubrication and boosts the movement all day. Apart from others, static stretching is safe to perform.

4.Avoid jogging on tar road or concrete

People may think jogging is the best way to maintain your body weight. But according to the fitness experts, running on the concrete or tar toad is not suitable for all as it may cause injuries. The injuries could be anything from muscle imbalance to shin split.

5.Mix up the workouts

Make sure you are flexing your muscles and joints with the cross-training exercises. Engaging in more than one workout promotes your fitness and posture. It also lessens the effect of injuries and makes you recover faster from Arthritis.

6.Know the difference between DOMS and True Muscle Injury

If you are doing regular exercise, it is vital to learn about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and True Muscle Injury. DOMS is a common effect after a workout, which may last longer for 72 hours.

However, in the case of True muscle or Ligament injury are exercise-induced conditions that damage muscle fibers, and it needs proper treatment.

7.Do the primary types of exercises

Apart from your options in the other exercises, it is essential to do both cardiorespiratory and resistance exercises. Resistance exercise eases the pain, stiffness, and swelling of the joints while the cardiorespiratory aerobic exercise aids in improving Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.

8.One step at a time

If you plan to increase your exercise routine, it will be better to expand it within 25 percent every week. Prefer to rise from the minimal exercise pattern to attain the best results against the chronic joint pain.

9.Count your steps

Walking is the best exercise mode for all age group people. According to the experts, it is advisable to take at least 10000 steps per day. Regular walking would help to burn calories and shed weight. Losing pounds will lead to promoting joint health.

10.Choose comfortable shoes

Besides every point, it is crucial to wear the best and breathable shoes. The best ones will add more stability and flexibility to your ankles and knees. Do remember, the average sports shoes have a lifespan of 200-250 hours.

The ways mentioned above are profitable in preventing Arthritis and aids from curing the same and reducing symptoms. With the proper guidance and a positive mindset, there will always be a way to come back and lead your life as you deserve.